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Soft Suede Thimble

Soft Suede Thimble

Sales Tax Included

The Soft Suede Thimble is so soft and comfy, you'll forget you have it on.  It's too small to stay on by itself, so it includes a small pot of washable glue stick.  Just put a little on your finger and it will stay on as long as you need it to.  Click here to download the sizing strip, then print it.  Measure the finger you will put the thimble on and order the correct size.  Most women take size 3 - 5.  Small children may take a size 1 or 2.  Men may require up to a size 10.  I've used different colored thread to sew each size, so you can tell them apart.

  • Handmade Product

    This is a handmade product that will ship to you by USPS First Class Mail.  The shipping cost is already figured into the price.

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