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Serger Thread Catcher Paper Pattern

Serger Thread Catcher Paper Pattern


This pattern makes a deep pocket, Serger Thread Catcher that's 10" wide and 14" long.  It sits under your serger and catches the fabric and threads as you sew.  Sew a loop on one side to hold a pair of scissors.

You can use nogahide, pleather, vinyl, canvas, duck cloth, pre-quilted or any other stiff fabric.  Or customize your thread catcher and quilt your own fabric.  Non-fraying fabrics don't need a binding to finish the edge.  But fraying fabrics do need a binding.  Instructions are given for both options.

A full-size pattern is included for the front pocket, but needs to be taped together.

  • Printed Paper Patterns

    This is a printed paper pattern that will be mailed to you.  Please provide a complete mailing address when ordering. The shipping cost is included in the pattern price and will be mailed by USPS First Class mail.

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