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Pre-made Bias Binding Patriotic -- Cut 2 1/4" wide

Pre-made Bias Binding Patriotic -- Cut 2 1/4" wide

45 Yards

This bias binding is made from a 2022 Andover Fabrcis patriotic line, pattern #566.  Striped fabrics look awesome as binding!  I've tried to match the stripe as I sewed these binding strips together.  This started out as three 1 yard pieces, so the seams may be as close as 14." The fabric was pre-washed before cutting.


This is sold by the yard, so you'll need to know how much binding to purchase.  Here's the math formula:  (width in inches X length in inches) X 2, divided by 36" = how many yards.  If you need help figuring the yardage , please email me at  You may also purchase a 3" sample for $1 (includes USPS shipping).  I would also love to make your custom binding.  Yardage price does not include shipping.

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