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Patriotic 3-D Banner Paper Pattern

Patriotic 3-D Banner Paper Pattern

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The Patriotic 3-D Banner is my Little Ditty for July.  If you are a proud American, the Patriotic 3-D Banner is sure to look great in your home. It may take a bit of side-ways thinking to make those 3-D diamond stars, but you can do it! And those wavy stripes? A piece of cake. There are a lot of pictures to guide you through this fun, and slightly challenging project. Quilt measures 16 1/2" X 39 1/2".

  • Printed Paper Pattern

    This is a printed paper pattern that will be mailed to you.  Please provide a complete mailing address when ordering. The shipping cost is included in the pattern price and will be mailed by USPS First Class mail.

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